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About Removalists Melbourne Self Storage

Are you looking for professional removalists and self-storage services in Melbourne? Are you planning for your residential or business move and need help packing and loading your stuff?

At Removalists Melbourne Self Storage, we have over 40 years of experience in the removal and storage industry. Our team of expert removalists is up to date with training and knowledge to enhance their expertise in the most efficient and fasted way to make sure your valuables are packed and safely transported to their new location.

Each member of our staff is hired directly by us – which means we take extra measures to bring quality expert movers to complete your job. We ensure that each member of our Removalists Melbourne Self Storage team shares our expectations of quality, reliable service.

At Removalists Melbourne Self Storage, we understand that storage and moving are not only a matter of keeping your items safe but also provide a secure and clean environment. Our self-storage services are the perfect solution for those who want to control their storage space and gain unlimited access to a fully equipped storage facility.

Here at Removalists Melbourne Self Storage, you store anything from sports equipment, furniture, excess clutter, seasonal decorations, as well as boats and vehicles. We ensure that our facilities are well-managed in a clean and secure environment.

What makes Removalists Melbourne Self Storage stand out is that you pay for the rental space you need and for how long you need it. We ensure that our facilities are equipment with the latest security systems, alarms, and cameras, where only you can have access to your items.

All our self-storage facilities are 100% insured with a range of options for your moving and storage needs. So whatever it is you need, we will make it happen for you.

4 Ways To Enhance Your Warehouse Storage

Once you have constructed your warehouse storage, the next battlefront is often the planning and design of your storage units. People have their different preferences when it comes to designing the storage units of their self storage facility. However, there are common expert tips that if put to good use, could see you maximize the use of your store through proper designing these units.

Keep the Units Spaced
The spaces between the units should be wide enough to allow for ease of movement for both the staff working in the facility as well as mobile equipment such as trolleys. Naturally, a path that is too small stifles movement and increases the time take in accessing the various units.

In the event of accidents, fires or robbery incidents, it would be easier to move through a well-spaced path and this might translate to better safety precautions as people and property could be saved with ease.

Have a Variety of Units
There are many types of self storage units and each of these units serve various functions. In case you operate a self storage unit commercially, having a variety of units will translate into having more customers.
There are many units to explore such as containers, lockers, safes and rooms. See more at

Make the Units Specialized
Lastly, it is also important to ensure the units in your warehouse storage are specialized. This is due to the fact that different items require to be stored in different conditions. A unit used for storing a car, for instance, cannot be used to store gold reserves.

While both of these items cost a lot of money, it is easier to get away with gold than it is to get away with the car, hence gold would require strong safes while a car would require a container. Explore the different types of these units and decide which one is best for what item.


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